Yours For Better Brisket

Cooking a brisket can be one of the most challenging pieces of meat to cook on your smoker or grill.  It is a large piece of meat that is difficult to master.


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Yours For Better Brisket

Brisket can be difficult, but these tips will help

The Texas Brisket, or any brisket for that matter, is a difficult cut of meat to prepare properly.  Many a competition cook will stumble when brisket is on the judging table.

The main reason is that the brisket comes from the chest of the cow and is the most used muscle in the animal.  It is primarily used for walking which it does most of the time.

If you want to learn or are having difficulty in perfecting your brisket techniques, perhaps some of these suggestions will help:

Trim Your Brisket - If you have a "packers cut". the brisket comes with excess fat.  We suggest removing all but about 1/4th inch thickness.

Separate The Muscles - There are two separate parts of the brisket with a thick layer of fat separating them.  The largest piece, the flattest piece without as much fat is called "the flat".  It is lean so this piece needs to be cooked more slowly since there is not much interspersed fat.  It makes for great sandwiches because it is so lean.  The other portion is called "the point" because it sort-of has a point shape on top.  It has much more fat in the meat.  It can be cooked longer and hotter because of the fat content.  It often is used to make burnt ends.

Temperatures - Briskets should be cooked slowly...around 200° to 225° for many, many hours.  The final product should reach around 190° internal temperature.  If it is less, then the meat will be tough and difficult to pull apart.  If it is over done, then it will fall apart.  This is due to collagen.  Collagen is the connective tissue which holds things together.  Once you have cooke the brisket to the correct temperature, the collagen converts to gelatin which is tender and moist.

Slicing The Brisket - Slice the brisket against the grain - not with it.  When cutting across the grain, the meat will pull apart easily if completely cooked and not over done.  If  you cut with the grain, it will be tough regardless. Secret:  If the meat seems a little tough, cut thinner slices.  It the meat seems to fall apart too easily, then cut thicker slices.


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